Camper Registration - Step 2

Go to Mt. Lebanon's Website.

Enter the password: campdoc2018


Click on "Camper Form"


Log In or Create a New Account

If you came to Camp Deaf in 2016: you can login with the same information as last year.

If you did not come to Camp Deaf in 2017: you need to create a new account.

Screenshot-2018-2-1 CampDoc com.png

Follow the steps to complete your registration.

Step-By-Step Directions:

  • Verify or type in your contact information, type in your phone number, and mailing address, then click update.

  • Type in or review the CAMPER name and information then click continue. Click “+ New Participant” if registering another camper.

  • Click “Register for a New Session.”

  • Click on the drop down menu, select “Camp Deaf,” and click continue.

  • Scroll down and select “Camp Deaf,” and then click continue.

  • You can add the protection plan if you want, but it is not required.

  • Ignore "tuition." You do not pay for anything through CampDoc unless you add the protection plan.

  • Read the information and fill out the Health Profile. Please fill out every field with an asterisk (*).

  • Fill out medical insurance information.

  • Fill out health concerns and allergy information. If you add an allergy, make sure you click "Save Allergy," or it will not save your information.

  • Fill out medication information. If you add an medication, make sure you click "Save Medication," or it will not save your information.

  • Read release of liability fill out information, and click "Accept Authorization."

  • Please remember, a separate registration needs to be filled out for each camper.

  • You can ignore emails from CampDoc about CampGrams, Travel Insurance, and Tuition. These emails are automatically sent from CampDoc, and we can't turn them off.


Screenshot-2018-2-1 Participants at Mt Lebanon CampDoc com.png

Registration Questions? Please contact us!!