Who can go to camp?

  • Deaf or Hearing Students

  • Middle School/High School

  • Entering Grade 6-12 in Fall 2018

  • Seniors Who Graduated High School in May/June 2018

What is the cost?

  • The cost for camp is $100.

  • The cost includes lodging and meals for Monday night (6/4) to Friday morning (6/8).

  • Travel to camp is not included in the cost.

  • There may be scholarships available. Check with your local Deaf church/ministry.

How Do I Register?

Follow these easy steps:

1. Register online
(more detailed instructions below)

2. Mail payment (or give it to your local Deaf church leader):
(Make all checks payable to Texas Baptist Deaf Youth Camp)

Camp Deaf
6917 Brentwood Stair Rd
Fort Worth, TX 76112

IMPORTANT: Do not mail payment after May 26. Just bring your money with you to camp.

3. See You At Camp!

Instructions for online registration

Yes, these instructions are long...but please read them. They will help you step-by-step.

1. Click the button below and set up an account by typing in your email address and password (This is easy, you just need an uppercase, lowercase letter and number in your password).

2. Type in your (parent/legal guardian’s) name and password then click continue.

3. Verify your contact information, type in your phone number, and mailing address, then click update.

4. Type in your CHILD’S name and information then click continue.


6. Click on the drop down menu, select June 4-8, 2018 Life DEAF Camp, and click continue.

7. Read through and choose whether or not you want to add the Protection Plan (this is through CampDoc not Mt. Lebanon Baptist Camp). Click continue after choosing yes or no for the protection plan. (THIS IS OPTIONAL, NOT MANDATORY)

8. Ignore the term “tuition” (this is something that can’t be removed from CampDoc). You will not pay anything through CampDoc unless you sign up for the Protection Plan. Click “REGISTER”.

9. Read the information about filling out the Health Profile before clicking continue.

10. Type in your CHILD’S address, grade completed by the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR, the name of the church your child will be attending with, and t-shirt size. Then list your (parent/legal guardian’s) contact information. Make sure every field that has an asterisk (*) has been filled out. Fill out the emergency contact information, and then click “NEXT STEP.”

11. Select “yes” or “no” if your child has medical insurance or not. If you answered “yes,” then fill out the medical insurance information. Fill out the name of your child’s primary care physician and phone number. Then click “NEXT STEP.”

12. Fill out the information about if your child has any health concerns/issues, any chronic/recurring illnesses or diseases, and any pre-existing injuries that occurred BEFORE ATTENDING camp. Fill out the information about any allergies your child has. If your child does have allergies, list what they are allergic to, the reaction, and if they are at risk for anaphylaxis. Make sure you click “SAVE ALLERGY” otherwise that information will not be saved! You can add as many allergies as needed. Put the date of your child’s last tetanus shot or write “current” if they are current. You DO NOT have to attach a current shot record. Click “NEXT STEP.”

13. Read through the “Camper Medical Policy and Instructions.” Answer “yes” or “no” if your child takes medications. If you answered “yes,” then list what medication, the strength of the medication, the dosage, etc. Choose the frequency the medication is to be given, what times, if the medicine is to be given every day or as needed. Answer why your child takes this medication, and if they will be bringing it to camp. You can also list any special instructions if needed. Make sure you click “SAVE NEW MEDICATION” or that information will not be saved! You can add as many medications as needed. Click “NEXT STEP.”

14. Read the “Parent/Legal Guardian’s Statement of Participation, Assumption of Risk, and Release of Liability,” type YOUR name and relationship to the child, then click “ACCEPT AUTHORIZATION.”

15. A small window will pop up saying your child’s health profile is complete and you are done. If it doesn’t pop up, check the far right side of the window and make sure every category has a green check-mark. If they don’t, then click on the category that hasn’t been completed. After completing all the unfinished categories, the health profile completion window will pop up. Click “ok,” and you’re done.

16. If you have multiple children attending camp, then you will need to fill out a separate registration for each child.

17. Here is an additional item you need to be aware of. You will be receiving 1 to 3 notices when you register. The notices deal with CampGrams, Travel Insurance, and Tuition. Just ignore them. They automatically send once you register. Once you "completely" register, I can go in and turn off the notices.

Questions? Contact one of the following people for help:

Zach Kapalka - zkapalka@gmail.com
Sherrie Bodiford - nldfsherrie@sbcglobal.net
Kenneth Arrington - arringtonkenneth16@gmail.com