What do I bring to camp?

That's a good question! We made a list that you can print out so you can know what to pack.

A few things to remember:

  • tennis shoes are important -- don't just bring sandals

  • sunscreen is important -- you don't want to look like this guy

  • bring clothes that you can get dirty -- some of the games we play are messy

  • check out our dress code (below) before you pack

What? There is a dress code?

Yes there is! But don't worry; it's not bad. Hopefully it's not much different from what you normally wear.

Here are the general guidelines:

  • Modest sleeveless shirts and tank tops are okay.

  • Please no spaghetti straps or low cut shirts.

  • Please don't bring shorts that are shorter than finger-tip length.

  • Don't bring shirts with any bad language or pictures.

  • Swimsuits for girls must cover the entire midsection.

    • If the swimsuit does not cover the entire midsection, please bring a dark shirt to wear over the swimsuit.

    • Guys - no Speedos. Because, yuck.

  • Make sure you bring something other than messy clothes for Bible study and worship. Shorts and t-shirts are fine.

Can I bring cell phone/camera?

Sure. Mt. Lebanon is in Cedar Hill, TX, and you should have good cell phone reception. We encourage campers to stay in touch with their parents while they're at camp. 

If you bring your cell phone/camera, remember:

  • It's your responsibility to keep up with it. If it is lost/stolen/damaged, Camp Deaf is not responsible for it.

  • Taking pictures inside of cabins is strictly prohibited. We're serious about this. If you take pictures of yourself or others while inside your cabin, we'll take up your phone/camera, and you won't get it back until the end of camp.

  • If cell phone use becomes excessive and distracting, we may take up your phone for certain periods of time.

Do I need extra spending money?

Yeah, it's a good idea to bring some extra money. There is a snack shop where you'll be able to buy chips, candy, and drinks. You probably won't need more than $20 for the entire week. 

You might also need some extra money for meals while traveling to and from camp. Check with your local Deaf church/ministry for more information.

What will we do all day?

We'll eat. We'll play team games. We'll swim. There will Bible study with other students your age. There will be a worship service each night. You'll have some free time to hang with your friends. There will be a nightly movie with pictures and videos of that day's activities.

Don't worry, you won't be bored.

I will graduate high school this May (2019). Can I go?

Yes! Come enjoy your last year at Camp Deaf as a camper.

Can I come work as a staff person?

Maybe. We always need mature adults who are Deaf (or who can sign fluently).

However, we don't just let anyone come as staff. You will have to be:

  • 18 or older and have graduated High School.

  • a mature and growing Christian.

  • Deaf or, if you are hearing, fluent in American Sign Language.

Additionally, you will need a recommendation form filled out and signed by your pastor, a criminal and sex offender background check, and you will have to take a child abuse prevention workshop. Check out the Church Leaders page for more information. 

What is Camp Deaf? Who runs it?

Camp Deaf has been a ministry of Texas Baptist Deaf Churches since the 1970s. Yeah, that's a long time. For a long time, it was known as Texas Baptist Deaf Youth Camp, but we changed the name several years ago. It is run by an executive committee made up of members from Deaf churches and ministries in Texas. 

Though the camp is a ministry of Texas Baptist Deaf Churches, we welcome groups from anywhere. In the past, we have had groups from Missouri, Oklahoma, and Louisiana join us.

Why is the sky blue?

That's a really, really good question.